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Life & Death Brigade

LDB502 - 'Comp'

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Compilations are a snapshot of a scene. Like a time capsule they capture the bands and sounds of particular eras and locales. The LDB 502 comp is a collection of bands and projects going on in louisville from 2020 to 2022. Some defunct, some still active, some play like 4 times a year and out of the 15 songs only like 20 people played on the record because in any scene that's just the way that these things go.

Comp features Two Witnesses, Gates to Hell, Sleepaway, Hurts to Lose, Love & Trust, Sidestep, 3 Poisons, PRIME, Nine Eyes, Inclination, Cadence!, Constraint, Heartstopper, Weapon X and Wicked Garden

FFO Mixed Bills, Bands that played less than 10 shows, Sharing members and Isaac Hale playing in every band

Track Listing:

1. Two Witnesses - The Way That These Things Go
2. Gates To Hell - Master Of Torment
3. Sleepaway - Logan St.
4. Hurts To Lose - Suffocates You
5. Love & Trust - Gravity
6. Sidestep - Thrift Store Firearm
7. 3 Poisons - Surrounded By Nothing
8. Prime - New Generation Anti-Vaxxer
9. Nine Eyes - Angels With Dirty Faces
10. Inclination - November's Lie
11. Cadence - The Perfect Cocktail
12. Constraint - Murder Permit
13. Heartstopper - The Hate I Have For You
14. Weapon X - You Can't Outrun...
15. Wicked Garden - Last Song