Shipping policy

Northern Scene works with a third party shipping company in order to keep shipping rates as low as possible. We aim to send all shipments to our shipping partner every Wednesday. All orders in the US will still be routed through USPS, and we will generally use USPS Media Mail. Orders made in Canada that select the flat rate shipping option will ship either by Canada Post or Intelcom, unless you specifically choose Canada Post. Orders to the UK, EU, Australia, NZ, Asia or any other location will be shipped by APC. 


Because we work with a third party company, there is sometimes a delay between the order being placed, shipping info being provided, and the package making it through the shipping network. Keep in mind we are not Amazon and do not offer next day delivery. Please only contact us if it has been over two weeks since you received a shipping notification and there is no movement on your order. 

If your order is returned to us because of an incorrect shipping address or it is deemed undeliverable, we will make an attempt to contact you and provide you with options for getting you your item. Northern Scene will cover the cost of any additional shipment if it is deemed that the first failed shipment was our error.  

While we have not yet been made aware of any issues for buyers who import goods from us, buyer is solely responsible for any import taxation imposed by customs.

All items are shipped in a double layer corrugated folded mailer with at least one 12.5x12.5 double layer corrugated pad. We source our materials from a local manufacturer in order to keep these costs as low as possible. 

We do not offer local pickup. 

If you believe there may be an error with the shipping rate for your purchase, please contact us as soon as possible at