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Life & Death Brigade

Another Mistake - "Lies For Lust" 7" (Clear w/ Red, White, & Black Splatter)

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From Tyler at LDB:

"When i realized that we were coming up on ten years since lies for list came out i wanted to do something special for it since it still represents such a pivotal time in my life as well as a special point in the history of louisville hardcore. Since the band was born in the chestnut era i wanted to incorporate that into the art and layout and i wanted to incorporate the people who brought the band to life as well as the ones who saw it to the end. It turns out wrangling 9 grown adults to get together in the same place at the same time is not something you can just plan in a week so that pushed things back a bit. I also wanted to put together a little zine with the record with testimonials from everyone involved and i thought that would be easy enough as well…. I am an idiot.
Putting this together was the most frustrating thing I've done with LDB and included many reworking of plans, an obnoxious amount of reminder texts several trips to kinkos including them misprinting the zines a couple different ways but i think that it couldn't have turned out any other way. It's another mistake. The band was a mess when it was alive and nothing has changed"