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Creator Destructor

Cartilage - "The Deader the Better" (Bone w/ Blood Red)

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1st press, limited to 200. 

Whether you call them deathgrind, goregrind, or gore metal, some things are certain: the Bay Area’s CARTILAGE bleeds in blastbeats, rips out gut-twisting riffs, and spews idiomatic viscera with delight. Spawned from original members featuring sibling duo, guitarist/vocalist Ria and vocalist Mark Wallace along with guitarist Michael Flory (Logistic Slaughter) and drummer Adam Houmam (Terrorizer LA), came one that delighted in the flesh-searing death metal that the likes of Impaled and General Surgery claim as their own.

CARTILAGE also discharge songs that slash like serial killers, convulse in seizures, sear like an acetylene torch, maul like bulldozers, and lurch like zombies (the slow ones, not the fast ones), and as crazed and kaleidoscopic as the songs usually are, they’re cleverly embedded with hook-y melodies. and head-moving grooves.” – No Clean Singing“…the group festers this admiration into punctual death grind. They adore gore-drenched theatrics, which is obvious with song titles like “Mallet Wielding Maniac” and ‘Cellar Full Of Stiffs.’” – Heavy Music Headquarters

“…this is an album that is happy to bask in its own bile. And for added festering fun and freakish frolic of gore, then get yourself on the list for the splatter vinyl release for extra kaleidoscopic horror.” – Metal Forces