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New Morality Zine

CURSETHEKNIFE - 'Thank You For Being Here'

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2nd press, /100

cursetheknife is an alternative shoegaze band from OK. While the genre of alternative shoegaze can seem over saturated, cursetheknife will surely be one to rise to the top. The band’s sound is limitless as a result of being unafraid to play with a wide variety of melody and instrumentation. Their debut LP, "Thank You For Being Here", is an entire listening experience and is now available in double LP format.

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Feeling Real
3. Pissing Off The Neighbours
4. Low
5. FIlter
6. Too Solid Too Flesh
7. We Both Want The Same
8. In Dreams
9. Interlude
10. Thank You For Being Here
11. cursetheknife