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Frontierer - "Oxidized" (Colour)

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This is an import from the UK. It is being sold for essentially the cost we brought it in. There is only one copy available.

4-panel gatefold. 2 x 140g LP of Oxidized in Ultra Clear w/ Splatters in Gold Digger, Glow In The Dark, November Rain, Blue Monday and Neon Green.

Track Listing:
1. Heirloom
2. Corrosive Wash
3. Opaque Horizon
4. Death/
5. Distintegrative
6. The Magnetic Drift
7. LK WX
8. Southern Hemorrhage
10. Stereopticon
11. Removal Of The Copper Iris And The Lightening Pill
12. Motherboard
13. Daydark
14. Glacial Plasma
15. The Damage And The Sift
16. /Hope