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God Complex - "To Decay In A Deathless World" (Grey w/ Black Smoke)

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Hand numbered ecomix coloured vinyl, grey with black smoke and magenta tones —limited to 250 units.

Since releasing Created Sick in 2018 (which was crowned Metal Hammer’s EP of the year) the band have proved to be as crushing live as on record, sharing the stage with the likes of Loathe, Venom Prison, Employed To Serve, Conjurer, Holding Absence, and Comeback Kid.

Since then, the band have enjoyed runaway support from the rock and metal press with praise from Kerrang! Magazine, Decibel Magazine, Revolver, Metal Injection,

The quartet don’t pull any punches when it comes to their particular brand of bludgeoning metallic hardcore, which blurs the line between gnarled punk, technical metal, and crushing noise. This, the band’s first—and quite possibly only—full length, produced by Loathe guitarist Erik Bickerstaffe, is a twisted journey into metalcore’s dark underbelly.

While the future may currently be uncertain for God Complex, what is absolutely certain is that To Decay in a Deathless World is the sound of a band collapsing under its own enormous weight—heavy doesn’t even beginto describe this record.

Track Listing:
01. Unburdened By Conscience
02. Death Trip
03. Deeper Form Of Sleep
04. Season Of Blood
05. Forbidden Love
06. Red Chord
07. Sudden Panic
08. Dopesick
09. Gathering Dark
10. The Altar