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Iodine Recordings

Hey Thanks! - 'Start Living'

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1st press, Indie Store exclusive, /200

Hey Thanks! formed in 2016 when 5 friends from outside of New Orleans, LA came together to share their love of music. They wrote songs that drew from their wide range of influences to include emo, punk, electronica, and indie-pop. They quickly developed a unique sound that set them apart from the majority of new bands emerging at the moment. They perfectly capture the essence of indie-pop music with earnest lyrics and hooks that you won’t forget. After several early lineup changes, the band found vocalist Travis Opal, who helped refine and define their exceptional sound.

Track Listing:
01. Conversations Make A Way
02. From Me 2 U
03. This Small Space
04. The Part I Call Myself
05. On Top Of Me
06. I’m Sure It’s On The Way
07. Fun Charade
08. How It’s Supposed To Be
09. Would You Believe It
10. Promise It’ll Be Over
11. If It Takes Me Forever
12. In Seconds I’ll Be Gone