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Mindfield - "Seclusion of Sanity" (Bone w/ Purple Splatter)

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Mindfield is a hardcore/metal crossover band from Jacksonville, FL, and is heavily influenced by bands like Merauder, Black Breath, and Sepultura. In the summer of 2018, they released their sophomore EP, "Void Of Illuminance," featuring the title track with guest vocals from Jon Whittle of Vatican. Since then, they have embarked on tours with Hoods, Lowered A.D., and By Force, as well as appeared on a handful of different fests around the country. New pressings now available on mustard vinyl and bone with purple splatter vinyl.

200 Bone With Purple Splatter

Track Listing:

1. Extinction
2. The Final Storm
3. Deceptive Monologue
4. Contrition
5. For Everything Left Unsaid
6. Terminal Atonement
7. Sacrifice Of The Skin
8. Violent Nature
9. Dead To Rights
10. Seclusion Of Sanity