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Triple B

Mindforce - 'Excalibur'

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NOTE: Ok, so here is the deal... We ended up with all of the variants for this press, but they were not identified as to what copies are what. So, we have made the decision to carefully open the first few until we were able to account for all of two of the variants. So depending on which copy you buy, it may or may not be sealed. That being said, it is still in original shrink and not been played. If that makes a difference then I don't know what to tell ya... 

Hudson Valley all stars make their debut BBB release with EXCALIBUR. 10 tracks of blistering cross-over influenced hardcore in the vein of Cro-Mags, Leeway, and Burn. After selling out multiple pressings of their debut 7”s and split with Dead Heat, Excali-bur takes Mindforce to the next level in aggressive music. 

1. Destroyer
2. Senseless Act
3. Nightmare
4. Fangs of Time
5. Excalibur
6. Put You Down
7. Won't Be Denied
8. Smother My Foes
9. Bestseller
10. Fades Away

6th Press Green/White/Brown Tri-Stripe (out of 200)
6th Press Green In Clear w/ Brown Splatter (out of 200)
6th Press Clear/Green Butterfly (out of 300)