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Beer City Records

Motherfuckers - "We're Fucked"

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This could be green vinyl, it could be black? No hype sticker to find out. 

Thrash/hardcore band from Wisconsin. 


A1 Don't / Scumpunk
A2 Green Limo
A3 Drink 4 Free
A4 Fuck 911
A5 I Fucked Lou Grant
A6 I Like Glass
A7 Dumpster Divin' Dude
A8 Fuck Shit Up
A9 Drink, Fight 'n Fuck
A10 Suck My Dick
A11 Naphlegm
B1 Was Punk?
B2 Girls Suck
B3 Prank
B4 So Happy
B5 Space Shuttle Disasters
B6 Smoke Pot And Kill Your Parents