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Northern Scene

Northern Scene 2023 Exclusive Vinyl Bundle

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This year Northern Scene will be bringing some exclusive variants to Canada of what will be some of the best releases of the year. While we can't say what those records are just yet, you can be sure they come from our friends and the best labels we work with. 

With at least 5 planned, and more in the works, we are offering a limited bundle of the first 5 exclusives for a discounted rate. Here's how it works:

1. For $150 CAD you will be guaranteed one copy of the first 5 exclusive vinyl variants that Northern Scene drops in 2023.
2. You will receive 2 packages, one with two records and one with three. The $150 covers shipping on both packages.
3. Priority access to any restocks of in demand records and variants
4. Priority and discount on any exclusive variant beyond the first 5. 
5. Extra goodies included. 

The bundle is expected to save you between $1 and $5 per record, but will significantly save you on shipping. 

The first two exclusives will be announced by the end of January.