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New Morality Zine

Spaced - "Two New Joints" CS

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Spaced is a 5 piece hardcore band from Buffalo, NY built to destroy stale genre conventions. With a unique perspective, Spaced delivers anthemic songs about individuality and summoning the strength to endure the trials of the modern world.

“Two New Joints” demonstrates that the band has perfected the balance of both speed and stomp musically, while offering a sure-fire “fuck you” lyrically.

“We don’t like to fit into the mold. We try to be as organically us as possible and that’s what we want to convey with our music. Our music is for the people who like standing out in a crowd and want to be true to themselves as much as possible. Embodying the notion of unconventional soundscapes and the intensity of hardcore, Spaced is far-out hardcore.

We’re really proud of these tunes and are excited for everyone to hear them! Spaced is a middle finger to gatekeepers, sexists, and elitists. This is the new wave of hardcore. Get with it or get out of the way.”

Track Listing:
1. Not Like You
2. Bad Energy