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Sunday Drive

Still - "Faint"

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"Faint" is the debut EP from St. Louis, Missouri shoegaze band, Still. The band was formed in 2020 by Michael Hoeltge, Ben Koeing, David Shanle (New Lives, Time and Pressure), and Chris Wright, with a goal to write something different from their previous bands, primarily consisting of indie, hardcore, and pop-punk music. Still is a drastic change from the aforementioned, incorporating classic elements of shoegaze, with a mix of slowcore.

"Faint" feels like a journey from start to finish—introduced with guitars fading in on "Spinner" and concluding with fuzzy guitars, melodies, and heavy-hitting drums on "Downward". Throughout all of the noise, however, there is still a sense of catchiness, which can be difficult to capture in the genre. Still pull off the sound extremely well, with the help of local St.Louis producer, Gabe Usery, and master engineer, Zac Montez (Cloakroom, Turnover). “What's left to feel with all the sounds, as it all falls down?”

Track Listing:
01. Spinner
02. Heavy
03. Blur
04. Faint
05. Downward