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Convulse Records

Thirdface - 'Do It With A Smile'

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CONVR26 is the cassette edition of one of our favorite hardcore records of the year, the debut LP from Nashville's thirdface, Do it With a Smile.

From New Noise, "Do It With A Smile is both a harsh and gorgeous listen, but Thirdface’s debut is most striking in how it is crafted like a live show—even down to the droning improv-style interludes to allow time for the band to switch guitars and hydrate. Their brand of bass-heavy hardcore takes cues from noise rock, grind, and sludge, and it’s performed with the ferocity few are able to conjure up. One of the more interesting aspects is vocalist Kathryn Edwards’ sardonic literary references and humor—with references to Clive Barker, Westerns, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s impossible not to grin along to just about everything Thirdface have done here."


1. Customary
2. Local
3. Chosen
4. Grasping At The Root
5. Buck
6. Ally
7. Villains!
8. Legendary Suffering
9. No Requiem For The Wicked
10. Interlude
11. No Hope
12. No Relief