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Run For Cover

Turnover - "Magnolia" (White w/ Green Splatter)

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Two acclaimed releases into their short career - a debut EP and a split 7" with Citizen - Virginia's Turnover have quickly grabbed the attention of a scene of angst filled teens and twenty-somethings who grew up on Drive-Thru records classics and 90's grunge radio. Turnover spent a month last November with producer Will Yip (Title Fight, Circa Survive) and emerged with Magnolia. Their debut LP fulfills the promise set forth in their prior releases - contemplative, brooding pop-punk songs written with a somber, yet undeniable catchiness.

  1. 01 Shiver
  2. 02 Most Of The Time
  3. 03 Wither
  4. 05 Pray For Me
  5. 04 Seed
  6. 06 Bloom
  7. 07 Hollow
  8. 08 To The Bottom
  9. 09 Like A Whisper
  10. 10 Flicker And Fade
  11. 11 Daydreaming