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American Ethos

American Ethos - 'Lookdown/Blueprint'

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Boston's American Ethos has been a favourite of Northern Scene ever since discovering them back in 2018. A relatively unknown act outside of Boston, it is possible to say that AE is one of the best bands in melodic hardcore that you have never heard of. 

American Ethos put out an LP in 2019, and unfortunately the cancellation of shows put a stop to any momentum Dan had going. In 2021, Dan's childhood friend Kelley Brannon went missing, and is still a missing person as of today. The media attention surrounding Kelley's disappearance, but the lack of support for her mother led Dan to release this two track 7" in order to raise funds for Kelley's mother. 

After featuring American Ethos on an episode of Northern Scene Radio, Dan asked for my mailing address. Thinking I was going to get a bunch of Simpsons x AE stickers, I instead got a box of 7" records. I asked Dan what he wanted me to do with them and he said whatever I want. So, we've decided to do a "Pay What You Can" option. If you would like to enjoy a great 7" but only have a few extra bucks to spare, that's all good. If you want to contribute to Dan's cause with a hefty sum, then by all means. Either way, everything we earn goes straight back to Dan.

The image for the record is my copy, each is different with a unique syntax and AE stamp on the card. All are also hand numbered.