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Fire Talk

Dehd - 'Flower of Devotion (Remixed)'

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1st press (one time pressing), /1,000

1. Flying (Physical Medium Remix)
2. Disappear (03sem Remix)
3. Loner (Protomartyr Remix)
4. Apart (Accessory Remix)
5. Drip Drop (Freak Waves Remix)
6. Flood (100% Remix)
7. Haha (RMX Reality Remix)
8. Letter (Sunglow Remix)
9. Desire (Lala Lala Remix)
10. Month (In The New Age Remix)
11. No Time (Dom Rabalais Remix)
12. Moonlight (Lionlimb Remix)
13. Nobody (Miranda Winters Remix)