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Convulse Records

Dirt Sucker - 'S/T'

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Convulse releases the debut 7" from Wyoming's Dirt Sucker. Dirt Sucker blends elements of hardcore with angular post-punk riffs, all under the auspices of shifting visceral and guttural vocal stylings. Maybe they're emboldened by living in the middle of fucking nowhere, maybe they just don't care what you think. Either way Dirt Sucker might be one of the last active hardcore bands that's truly throwing out the rule book.

If you have heard Neon Taste band Imploders then you will most certainly dig this!

Track Listing:
1. Valley Fever
2. Soiled
3. Soil Psyop
4. Montana Sharpshooter
5. Dirt Devil
6. Trench Ripper
7. Mud Flaps