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Delayed Gratification Records

Human Law - 'God's Work'

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COVID-19 has not stopped the emergence of new music & new bands from the Capital City. This is where we find HUMAN LAW.

Made up of Columbus, Ohio longstands Lee West & Collin Simula, their resumes speak for themselves. With time served in Empire Of Rats, Northern Widows, Symphony In Peril & currently Maranatha, you know this union is only going to produce hits.

Released in October 2020, HUMAN LAW dropped the "God's Work" EP. Six tracks of heavy, breakdown oriented metallic hardcore in the vein of 100 Demons & Integrity.

DGR is excited to announce that we'll be pressing this monster of an EP to cassette. Only a limited amount made, so don't wait.

This Is DGR053

Track Listing

  1. (God's Work)
  2. Conscious
  3. Flesh
  4. Like a Knife, Like a Mountain
  5. Blues
  6. Out Where the Buses Don't Run

Pressing Information

1st Press: (Cassette)
30 Gold