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Convulse Records

Compassion - "Pacing Animals" (Bone/Oxblood Mix)

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CONVR45 is Compassion's Pacing Animal 12". The Brooklyn twosome follows up their 2019 demo with an 8-song EP of blast beat laden hardcore that fits its title. Much as a pacing animal deliberates on its environment with pent up frustration, the record is a single minded exercise in aggressive fixation. Fans of No Comment, Iron Lung, and other classics of the genre will find plenty to like here.

Pressing Info:
200 on Bone + Oxblood mix  (Looks more like violet with white marble?)
100 on Clear with Cyan and White


1. Vile Glow
2. Brute
3. Grist
4. Open Cage
5. Strewn
6. Faulty Wire
7. Corridor
8. Pacing Animal