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L.I.B. - 'Men's Health'

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The debut from L.I.B. (Life Is Beautiful) consists of 10 blast beat hardcore tracks. The songs are described as being, "aimed indelicately at questions of masculinity, well being, and the overriding sense of disdain that often clouds living." If you're a fan of Primitive Blast, then L.I.B. is the next step in the progression of extreme sounds that will bridge you to bands such as Regional Justice Center and Ingrown. 

1st press, /200


1. A Smooth Intro
2. Ringer
3. Nothing Left
4. Hunk
5. Self Aggrandizing
6. Sorrow Collective / Torment of Consciousness
7. Dysfunction
8. Don't Touch Me
9. Men's Health
10. The Mark