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Venn Records

Meryl Streak - "796" (Emerald Green)

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Limited edition emerald green vinyl, only 750 pressed worldwide and includes free download code.

Politically-outspoken Irish avant garde punk producer MERYL STREEK releases his debut album ‘796’ on Gallows’ owned Venn Records (High Vis, Bob Vylan, Witch Fever). For the most part a devastating condemnation of the shameful Catholic church abuse scandal in Ireland, penned following the findings of The Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation, forthcoming debut album 796 is an emotionally volatile and heart-wrenching collection of cutting edge punk that pushes genre boundaries whilst traversing extremely challenging political subject matter with aplomb and vitriol.

Track Listing:
01. The Start
02. Full of Grace
03. Death to the Landlord
04. False Apologies
05. Yesterday
06. Matter of Fact
07. 796
08. Demon
09. No Justice
10. Suicide
11. Educated Mates
12. Dad