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Streets of Hate

Mourning - 'Disenlightenment'

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UK Metallic HC unit Mourning release their new record, "Disenlightenment," via Streets of Hate, and available exclusively in Canada via Northern Scene. 

Credit to Distorted Sounds Magazine for the following:

Speaking about the upcoming album, vocalist Connor explains, “The overarching theme of Disenlightenment is of distrust, exhaustion and contempt of living in the modern western world. The debate of the west being in decline is a centuries old concept but it feels an entirely relevant concept right now when you want to talk about modern politics, culture, environment, social norms etc. Whether that’s the constant economic downturns, waning tolerance of opposing ideas, an unrepresentative political system, lack of cultural significance in the endless streams of content, an increasingly inhospitable environment, ideological fanaticism and zealotry etc. To put it simply, it feels like the sun is setting on the western empire.”


Track List:

  1. Disenlightenment
  2. Cancer Incarnate
  3. Non Future Decree
  4. Unhonoured Prophecy
  5. Tyranny of Guilt
  6. Desert of the Spirit
  7. Foreboding
  8. Grievance Ascends