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Triple B

SPY - 'Satisfaction' (Northern Scene Exclusive)

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SPY are back with their debut LP "Satisfaction". 10 brand new tracks of fast, gross hardcore punk. These are housed in a 350gsm jacket and come with digital download codes. 
Note: The mock incorrectly shows silver splatter. There is no silver splatter in this variant, only gold. Final product may differ from rendering. 

Pressing Info 
Test Press (out of 17) 
Gold inside Ultra Clear w/Maroon Splatter (out of 250)  *BBB Exclusive* 
Bone with Maroon & Black Twist (out of 250) *To Live A Lie Exclusive* 
Ultra Clear w/Maroon, Gold, & Silver Splatter (out of 250) *Revolver Exclusive* 
Half Maroon / Half Beer with Gold Splatter (out of 250) *Northern Scene Exclusive* 
Bone / Black A Side B Side w/Maroon Splatter  (out of 250) *Evil Greed Exclusive* 
Canary Yellow (out of 300) *Rev Exclusive* 
Clear Beer / Black Galaxy (out of 500) *Band Exclusive* 
Maroon / Gold / Silver 3 Color Smash (out of 450) *BBB #2* 
Bone w/Maroon Splatter (out of 500) *General Retail* 

1. No Redeeming Value
2. Surveilled
3. Carceral Attitude
4. Koniec
5. Do What I Can
6. Pay No Mind
7. Not For Me
8. Wrong Place Wrong Time
9. Big Man
10. Hidden In Plain Sight